Friday, December 31, 2010

A few words on what you'll find here...

So, far, the books I've mentioned here have had to do with religion, serial killers, rock and roll. Oh, and then there was the mystery novel.

This might be causing you to wonder about what you might be seeing here in the future. What kinds of books I'm going to review, what kind of other reading material I might write about, that sort of thing.

The short answer is: Almost anything.

No. Really. I'll read almost anything. Fiction and non-fiction. Oh, I have my favorites, of course. I read a lot of history and current affairs, and quite a bit of anthropology and the other social sciences. My education was in anthropology, with an emphasis in the anthropology of religion, so there will be some of that. In fiction, my favorite genres are science ficiton and fantasy and mysteries. But I do not limit myself to those genres and topics. Right now, I've got a book about trilobites on my to-read pile, as well as a couple of books about conspiracy theories (one advancing them and one debunking them), a memoir by an Iranian woman, and a Russian science fiction (or maybe it's fantasy) novel in translation. And those are just the books I've got out of the library right now.

Besides writing about the specific books I'm reading now, am getting ready to read, or have read in the past, I also plan to write about the topic of reading in general. Because, and I'll be frank about it, I think that most people don't read enough.

I'll probably also be writing about libraries from time to time. I love libraries. I use them all the time, and I think more people should use their public libraries more often. I'll likely also write about bookstores and their somewhat precarious position these days.

Another thing I hope to do here is to point you all toward interesting things to read on the internet. I love books, but there is also a lot of information to read on the 'net. Even entire books, free for the reading. When I find those, I'll tell you about them.

So, you'll just have to come back and check, to see what I'm on about on any particular day. Of course, I won't promise that I will post new content every single day. I do have a day job that I have to keep up, after all. But I'll be around most days, even if it's just to let you know what I'm reading and to see if you've dropped any recommendations of your own into comments. Which I really hope you will do. I'm always looking for more good things to read.

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