Thursday, December 30, 2010

By way of introduction...

I read a lot. Or, anyway, I used to read a lot, before that inconvenient thing called the Real World got in the way. Even at that, I read a lot more than most people do. However...

I used to read between 50 and 100 books per year. A few less when I was in school, but still more than the maybe 20 full books I read in 2010. I’m not sure of the exact number this year because it was so embarrassingly few that I quit keeping track.

But then the aforementioned real life got serious, and between one thing and another, my book count dropped dramatically and it has been difficult to get back to my normal reading habits. There is still work, there are still knit nights, and movies to watch and SCA events to attend. But there is more time to read than I've been devoting to reading. And many more books out there than anyone could possibly get through in ten lifetimes.

So, I decided that I need a place to log my reading, to write about what I've been reading and what my reading is moving me to think about, and to get feedback from other folks about what they're reading.

This is that place.

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